Discover if Teen Patti is a luck or skill game!



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Discover if Teen Patti is a luck or skill game!


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Is Teen Patti a game of skill or luck? 

Wondering if Teen Patti is a skill or luck-based game? As you know, this traditional game is one of the most popular games in India since many people play it during remarkable festivities like Diwali and others. 

According to the expert Sagar Patil, there is a debate if Teen Patti is based on luck or skill, although it is a card game which clearly involves skill. Even though, some people consider that this is a luck game and that’s why we will discover if this is a skill or luck game:

“A Teen Patti game has a huge involvement of luck just like any other card game. I cannot expect to win a game if I don’t get a fightable set of cards. What I mean by a fightable set of cards is that the cards that I am getting should have at least one valuable card. A card that would overshadow at least some percentage of other cards on the board”, Patil mentioned. 

As an example, we can always select to keep going until the round is over with a set of low-ranked cards such as 2, 4, 6 of different suits. Even though, there is no reason to playing with cards so low that the only possible lower card is 2, 4, 5 since you have hundreds of possible combinations when playing Teen Patti. However, luck is always welcome when we are playing games like Teen Patti. 

Which skills does Teen Patti require? 

First, you must understand that Teen Patti is considered the Indian version of Poker, which has its own features such as specific rules, gameplay, aims and strategies. In a similar form, Teen Patti also has its own elements, features that you should master if you want to increase your winning chances, especially its rules. 

Teen Patti rules hasn’t changed that much around time for anyone on board, but you must use your gambling skills when the gameplay comes. Players should identify how to double the stake as it will be better for them. Also, playing Blind can be an option: 

 “If the other player has seen his cards and is betting with a pinch of doubt on his face, I choose to play the game blind and see how it turns out. Similarly, there are times when I try to fool the other players with my Poker face”, some sources say.  Therefore, even a good hand might not do the job for a player if he is not skilled enough to understand which move to make and how to bluff other players. One should always know when to play and when not to.

What is Teen Patti for us, skill, or luck? 


You will require skills if you want to improve your winning possibilities at Teen Patti. Experienced players assure that playing over and over have helped them to learn and understand the game better. Remember, persistence pays off when talking about winning!  In short, Teen Patti is a game of skill, but for some people is a game of look. The difference between people that think it is skill-based and the ones who consider that it is luck based is the way they understand the game.

If you think you control the game conforming to the cards and you know clearly when to and not to improve your bets in the game and you identify when to bluff to secure your win, it means that skills are helping you to win.  On the other hand, if you play conforming to the cards and you are playing guiding yourself with excitement and no strategy, you are basing your game on luck. Even though if you are luck-based player or skill-based one depends on you and your objectives.

For example, when you are playing just for fun, it doesn’t matter that you play basing your game on luck, but if you are doing it for real money, you must base your game in skill. Even though, do not forget to play with responsibility and never spend money that you can not afford when gambling. Enjoy your game in a reasonable way!

Other skill games

Currently, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of online casinos and other platforms. This has allowed players to access any game they can think of directly from their homes. The rise of the Internet has let skill-based casino games evolve and turn more creative and engaging: 

“This type of casino game has an outcome that depends on the player's skill and not on chance. If you are a skilled player, betting more money will give you higher winnings. Game developers essentially create scenarios where better players receive higher payouts. That's pretty much the main difference between skill-based games and games that rely solely on luck.

teen patti

Skill-based casino games have been around for years. During that time, their core and structure did not change. The only difference from their original form is that they are now available online. Today, we will talk about the most famous skill-based games that can be played in online casinos”, some sources mention. Besides Teen Patti, you can enjoy other casino games, such as: 


It is one of the most skillful casino games. Poker is very popular, especially because it comes in many different flavors. Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, Razz and five-card draw are the most popular variants. The goal is to have the best hand or to convince your opponents that you have the best hand, forcing them to fold.

Poker is much more than gambling. It is about testing your observation, accuracy, patience and convincing your opponent(s) that you have the best hand. We should point out that traditional poker games are different from casino poker and video poker.

When playing poker, you will face other players, while video poker and casino poker will see you facing the dealer. Video poker and casino poker are more random than the traditional version, which means that they are not entirely skill-based games.


Blackjack also combines skill and chance. It is also one of the most difficult games to enjoy. Players have no control over the outcome of the cards, and the dealer always has the advantage. However, you can improve your chances of winning by using the right strategies. Some techniques, such as card counting, shuffle tracking and hidden cards, can even shift the advantage in your favor.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, and with a little learning and practice, you can master the skills that could potentially generate higher winnings. Blackjack is always played against the dealer, who has the central role at the table. It is the dealer who deals the cards to each player, who decides whether to hit or stand. The aim is simple: beat the dealer! You can do it by scoring twenty-one or getting a higher total than him.

According to experts, being familiar with the mathematics behind the game can help you decrease the house edge. But in the long run, that's not enough to guarantee a win. However, the techniques we mentioned above can.


Craps games are often perceived as a game of chance, although it does require a certain level of skill. The dice determine the winner, with all bets in favor of the house, but some bets come with better odds. On the other hand, players cannot influence the roll of the dice, but making the right decisions can improve their overall gaming experience.

Skill-based slot machines

Unlike traditional slots, skill-based online slots are more tactical and represent a combination of chance and gambling. This type of online slots requires the player to constantly pay attention to where to shoot. 

The payout percentage is usually much higher than in traditional slot games. It means that you should be careful when managing your bankroll. We must say that skill-based slots are not for everybody. Since they combine skill and chance, they are more suitable for gamblers, as players focus more on winning. 

“Besides the influence of skill, the main difference between a skill-based slot and a traditional slot is the random number generator (RNG). RNG in classic slots generates random numbers, without any logic, while skill-based slots include gaming skills in additional rounds. By spinning a skill-based slot, you can get gamified bonus rounds aimed at provoking your skill”, experts say. 

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Explore the benefits of playing casino games

To keep our brains active and functioning optimally, it is necessary to do activities that help "exercise" it. Performing tasks that require our attention, memory and analysis is vital to have a healthy mind, and a great way to achieve this is with the well-known casino games. The strategies, skills and concentration required by some games such as blackjack and poker make them very beneficial to improve our mental agility.

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They help strengthen memory

Short-term memory allows us to retain a limited amount of information for a short time, and exercising it regularly is as important as exercising our bodies. If it deteriorates, we lose the ability to store information we need now, even if we don't necessarily need it later, affecting our daily activities and conversations. 

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Exercising our memory with games such as cards, poker, and even roulette that require us to remember rules, patterns, probability calculations and numbers now we are playing, without losing sight of our opponents' moves, can be very beneficial.

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Another point to consider is that before starting to exercise your memory it is important to choose a trusted casino platform that offers a great variety of games to determine which one suits you best. 

Around the web, you can find detailed information about the different online casinos available in India, the newest ones, the different bonuses they offer and the deposit methods they have. This way, you make sure that you are choosing the best games available on the Internet while you exercise your memory.

Offer new ways of learning

Learning new activities or hobbies helps to keep the brain functioning well. Starting to play casino games is a great way to develop cognitive skills or strengthen them over time, especially if it is a new game that you must learn from scratch. 

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Moreover, this type of activity demands doing different tasks at the same time, using several of your senses, from being attentive to the other player's moves, to not losing concentration with the background music, the bright lights of the games or simply talking to the dealer.

Exercising the brain brings benefits such as strengthening short and long-term memory and improving other daily life skills such as attention to detail and numerical skills, all of which can be obtained and reinforced by playing a casino game. In fact, many of these games represent a great opportunity to multitask and engage our senses.

A great place to socialize

Casinos, both gambling houses and virtual casinos, also offer a great environment for socializing and meeting people through gambling. Even in some games such as craps, a feeling of companionship can be generated for people making the same bet simultaneously. 

Likewise, casinos offer music and other types of entertainment that make them ideal for generating a social environment. Casino games offer different benefits, from improving our memory and discovering new ways of learning, to meeting people, all while having a fun time.

In short

Players can consider Teen Patti as a skill game as it has multiple combinations to be played. In addition, there are other casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Craps and even some slots variants that you can play as skill games. 

A direct benefit of playing skill games is that you can strengthen your memory and your brain abilities in general. On the other hand, if you are living in India, skill games are gambling forms that are allowed, but you must make sure before that the game is permitted in the state you live.  Have fun when playing Teen Patti and other skill games! 

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