Cricket Betting - Tips How To Place Effective Cricket Bets



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Cricket Betting - Tips How To Place Effective Cricket Bets

Cricket is no doubt one of the most popular games played on a global scale, meaning when done correctly, you have the chance of making extremely profitable cricket bets.

Want to get ahead of the cricket betting game and win big? If so, we have just the right online cricket betting tips for you within this guide! For specific IPL match predictions, you can check out our cricket blog.

What Makes Cricket Betting So Popular?

Cricket itself can be played in three different ways, all evolving from its traditional form called Test Cricket. With such a variety of ways to play the game comes even more fans - and even more ways to bet.

Test Cricket

The original form of cricket, Test Cricket, is considered to be the most challenging form. Test Cricket matches typically last up to five days in order to complete a four-innings match.

One Day International Cricket

Next up is One Day International Cricket, which is usually played in a day with fifty overs for either team. The Cricket World Cup is played in the form of One Day Cricket - making it a popular event to bet on every four years.

T20 Cricket

More excitingly, the last variant is Twenty20 Cricket (T20) that has added a modern twist to the traditional sport. The famous Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional T20 cricket league in India which celebrates T20 Cricket. In such a variation, teams are only allowed to have a single inning each.

All three types of cricket come with their own games, championships and skilled players; making it a very exciting sport to bet on. If you are looking to make profitable cricket bets, read on to discover our free cricket betting tips which delve into how to understand betting odds, what to look out for when placing a bet, and a whole lot more!

Understanding Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds relate to the probability or likelihood that a certain outcome will occur. If you don’t understand the odds, then it’s unlikely that you’ll make a profit on the bets you place.

Betting odds typically come in two different formats; fractions and decimals. Fractions are popular in the UK and Ireland, whereas decimals are far more common in Asian countries. The majority of betting sites will have converters, so it’s entirely up to you to decide what format you prefer.